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20 Februar 2010, 20:00 Karlsruhe Badisch Brauhaus

John Waite - Gesang, Gitarre
Tim Hogan – Bass
Luis Maldonado – Gitarre
Billy Wilkes – Drums
Im Stadkern von Karlsruhe befindet sich das Badisch Brauhaus.Eine absolut sehenswertes Location. Werd ich bestimmt wieder hingehen.
Hab Euch hier mal die Adresse, zum reinschauen was dort so geht.

Um 21 Uhr gings dann mit John Waite los. Gesanglich in absoluter top Kondition
und mit 3 jungen wilden Hardrockern ging dann schon gleich die Post ab.
Quer durch seine Alben ob´s den Babys über Solo oder Bad English Songs waren, alles dabei was Spass machte. Für mich die Highlights, Best of what i got - Back on my Feet again und Missing you. Seine CD`s wurden nach dem Konzert gesigned für schlappe 10 Euro verkauft...Super!! Bis auf dass es wie verrückt auf der Hinfahrt geschneit hat, und wir 2 Stunden brauchten bis Karlsruhe, war es ein absoluter gelungener Abend. Tip: Die neue Live CD von John Waite antesten...Track of the Week

Waite first came to attention as the lead singer and bassist of The Babys, a British group which had moderate chart success and a solid following for their concert tours. Over the course of five years, the Babys produced five albums ending with the final album On the Edge in October 1980, after which the group broke up.

Waite subsequently launched his solo career with his 1982 debut album Ignition, which produced the hit single "Change". The Chrysalis 45 failed to chart on Billboard's Hot 100 during its initial release but was a top track on AOR (Album-Oriented Rock) radio stations as well as a very popular music video on MTV as the 'new' cable channel celebrated its first full year of operation. The pulsating track was written by Holly Knight and in 1985 was included on the Platinum selling Vision Quest soundtrack. (The single was reissued and this time it reached the Top 50 on the Hot 100.) "Going To The Top" was released as the original follow-up single to "Change".

His next album, No Brakes, resulted in international attention - and was a Top 10 Billboard album in the US - due to the smash hit "Missing You" which went to #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. It knocked Tina Turner's "What's Love Got To Do With It?" out of #1. For that very reason, Turner later recorded and released Waite's smash song herself. (Turner's single peaked at a disappointing #84 on Billboard's Hot 100 in 1996.) "Missing You" also hit #1 on Billboard's Album Rock Tracks as well as the Top 10 of Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart. No Brakes sold over a million and a half US copies yet has never been certified above the RIAA Gold standard (a record company must apply to the RIAA for such certification). Two more singles from No Brakes followed, including "Tears" which was a Top 10 hit on the Billboard Mainstream Rock charts.

The next album Mask of Smiles followed in 1985, and another single "If Anybody Had a Heart" was released from the soundtrack of the 1986 film About Last Night..., starring Demi Moore. In 1987, "Rover's Return" was released with the single "These Times Are Hard For Lovers". Waite would have another soundtrack appearance in 1990 from Days of Thunder with "Deal for Life", written by Martin Page and Bernie Taupin.

In 1988, Waite joined former Babys bandmates Jonathan Cain and Ricky Phillips along with Neal Schon from Journey and drummer Deen Castronovo, to form the supergroup Bad English. In 1989, the Bad English ballad "When I See You Smile" (penned by Diane Warren) went to #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 and earned a Gold-certified single. It's parent album reached Billboard's Top Five and sold nearly two million copies in the United States alone. Bad English released two albums before tensions amongst the members led to the band's dissolution by 1992.

Waite returned to solo work and since 1995 has produced five solo albums including his latest album Downtown... Journey of a Heart. He still tours, including in 2003 with Ringo Starr's All Starr Band, and as an opening act for Journey in 2005.
In 2006, "Missing You" was released as a duet with Alison Krauss and reached the Top 40 on the Country Charts in the United States. Waite appeared with Krauss on the Tonight Show on February 5, 2007 to perform "Missing You."
Waite appears as himself and performs two songs in the 2010 feature film, New Day, from L'Oiseau Blanc Films.A longtime resident of New York City, Waite currently resides in Newport Beach, California.

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Aynsley Lister Band
Donnerstag 18.02.10 Leonberg/Uhlenspiegel

Besetzung: Simon Small - Drums, Dan Healey - Keyboards, Midus Guerreiro - Bass und Aynsley Lister an den Gitarren

Mit seiner neuen CD- EQUILIBRIUM im Gepäck lieferte der erstklassige Gitarrist aus England einen sehr soliden Auftritt. Bei dem ersten Konzert in Deutschland meist von Bluesrock strotzenden Rhytmen bis hin zum sehr gefühlvollen Mainstream. Technisch perfekt, cool und mit einer Leichtigkeit, spielten sich die vier in die Herzen des Puplikums. Bewaffnet mit einer Fender Strat und einer Gibson und vielen und endlosen wunderbaren langen Gitarren Solos, die dann auch die neuen Stücke dominierten. Auch stimmlich absolut überzeugend. Ein noch bisher unver- öffentlichtes sehr gutes Stück und eine brilliante Version des Prince Klassikers Purple Rain waren der offizielle Schluss des Abends, bevor Lister plus Band noch zwei Zugaben spielten. Attention!! die Chance ergreifen wenns möglich ist und ein Konzert der Band auf der Tour besuchen. Auf Aynsleys Homepage unbedingt Tourdaten  checken ...awesome Musicians with music from the heart and one of the best Guitar Player!! EQUILIBRIUM !!!! 

THE TIMES "Superb"
BOB HARRIS, RADIO 2 “Aynsley’s new Album ‘Equilibrium’ is superb.
ALEX LESTER RADIO 2 “great voice.Great guitar and taste with it”
MOJO MAGAZINE "There is no English guitarist with more vivid musical ideas than Aynsley Lister"
CLASSIC ROCK Blues album of the month. "Lister is going places & this album is his ticket".
GUITAR TECHNIQUES “Aynsley is one of the hottest blues guitarists to emerge from the UK. A prodigious talent, with fresh & exciting interpretation of the blues”.
GUITARIST “Equilibrium is the best album of his career”
Rocks Magazine - "under the best 50 in 2009"
 Aynsley picked up the guitar at 8 and played his first gig at 13. One year later, on a family trip to San Francisco, he was jamming at ‘Lou’s Bar’ on Pier 49. By the time he was 18, he had worked his way through various bands and decided to form his own. The band recorded two albums and it was the second of these two that started things happening. Aynsley had begun writing and it was the three original numbers of this album that attracted the attention of Ruf Records’ head honcho Thomas Ruf. This was the start of a long and fruitful career taking Aynsley all over Europe and America ,working with some of the top names on the circuit. In the years following the release of his first album.,Aynsley opened for artists such as Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, John Mayall and contemporaries such as Bryan Adams and Fun Lovin Criminals. .
Between the years 2000 and 2007 released 4 albums on Ruf Records. The first ‘Everything I Need’ , was produced by Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers, Catatonia). This was followed by a solo album “Supakev n Pilchards”, then ‘All Or Nothing’.In 2007 Aynsley released the self produced album ‘Upside Down’. .
Aynsley was the only British artist to be featured in Classic Rocks 2007 review: TOP 10 CONTEMPORARY BLUES ROCK ARTISTS….......alongside The White Stripes, The Black Keys, John Mayer, Jon Spencer, Jonny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Joe Bonamassa, Derek Trucks and the North Mississippi Allstars. .
In June of 2008 Aynsley signed to Manhaton Records and ‘Equilibrium’ was released in March 2009. ‘Equilibrium’ was produced by Steve Darrel Smith and features appearances by Robbie McIntosh (John Mayer band) and also heralds a new direction for Aynsley. Equilibrium justifies Aynsley Lister’s position as a leading light in the rock/blues arena. Aynsley is one of very few artists playing rocking blues with a modern edge - tangible, heartfelt, soul searching and full of fine songwriting; played with passion, vitality and simply stunning guitar work- reminiscent of a young Clapton. .
This new album has received rave reviews everywhere. Classic Rock has listed Equilibrium in the Top 50 albums released so far in 2009. In the past few months Aynsley has had feature interviews in Classic Rock, Guitarist, Guitar Techniques, Rock N Reel, Maverick, Record Collector & Blues in Britain. Aynsley has recorded ‘live’ sessions for Bob Harris, Paul Jones & Jazz FM. Sheduled for May this year a Live CD will bring out.!!! (Text from Aynsleys My Space Site)

Listen to the Guitar Solo !!

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Scorpions – Fly to the Rainbow. Ich sah die Scorpions zum ersten mal 1976 in Pforzheim. Damals wusste es niemand dass sie mal zu einer Institution der Deutschen Rockszene werden würden. Ich kann mich daran erinnern, einmal in der Zeit die Band ganze 3 mal in einer Woche gesehen zu haben. Nach dem Debütalbum „Lonesome Crow" sollte es über 2 Jahre dauern, bevor die Scorpions ihr zweites Album auf den Markt bringen würden. Personell hatte sich bei der Band viel getan. Von der Besetzung des Debütalbums waren nur noch Rudolf Schenker und Klaus Meine dabei. Einen herben Verlust hatten sie 1973 verkraften müssen, als Gitarrist Michael Schenker von der britischen Gruppe UFO zuerst für eine Tournee verpflichtet wurde und dann als festes Mitglied aufgenommen wurde. In Ulrich Roth fanden Rudolf Schenker und Klaus Meine allerdings einen vollwertigen Ersatz. In der Besetzung Rudolf Schenker (Gitarre), Klaus Meine (Gesang), Ulrich Roth (Lead-Gitarre/Gesang), Francis Buchholz (Baß) und Jürgen Rosenthal (Schlagzeug) entstand das Anfang 1975 veröffentlichte Album „Fly to the rainbow". Mit diesem Album machten sie erstmals international auf sich aufmerksam, vor allem in Japan erwies es sich als Bestseller. Es ist erstaunlich, welch hohes Niveau die Scorpions 1974 schon hatten. „Fly To The Rainbow" strotzt nur so vor Ideen und Kreativität.
Ob schnelle und harte Rocknummern wie „Speedy's Coming", klassische Rockballaden („Fly People Fly") oder Monumentales wie dem Titelsong (9:40) oder „Drifting Sun" (7:43), dieses Album bietet alles, was der Rockfan sich wünschen kann. Dazu kommt das erstklassige Songwriting von Klaus Meine und Ulrich Roth's unvergleichliches Gitarrenspiel.
When People think Scorpions they think "Rock You Like A Hurricane", they think "No One Like You", they think that german band that helped make the Berlin Wall collapse. They think of the MTV party rock they made in the 80s. Well forget about all of that and lets go back to 1974.
Most people don't even realize that Scorpions existed long before the 1980s, way before MTV and all of that hair metal garbage they have been oh so inaccuratly accused of spearheading. Infact the good ol' Scorps have been around since 65'. "Fly To The Rainbow" was their second LP that was released in 1974 and featured new axe wizard Uli Jon Roth and future prog rock drummer Jurgen Rosenthal. This might just be the weirdest, freakiest and downright most bizzare music Scorpions have ever commited to wax, and wouldn't you know this prehaps is the most mindblowingly creative effort of the band and prehaps of the early 70s. This is nothing like the Scorpions that would gain fame post 79, with big hooks and lyrics paying ode to sex, no, this is Scorpions in a full-blown psychedelic prog-fest. "Fly To The Rainbow", much like the first record "Lonesome Crow", has much in common with the burgeoning ambient Kraut Rock genre, with element of Hendrix-like psychedelia mixed in. And to top it all off, the record is concept, with all 7 tracks laying out one's struggle to "fly over the rainbow to freedom", which is an allegory of escaping into
West Germany. Milestone ******(6)

"Speedy's Coming" (Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine) – 3:36
"They Need a Million" (Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine) – 4:50
"Drifting Sun" (Ulrich Roth) – 7:42
"Fly People Fly" (Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine) – 5:03
"This Is My Song" (Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine) – 4:18
"Far Away" (Rudolf Schenker, Michael Schenker, Klaus Meine) – 5:38
"Fly to the Rainbow" (Michael Schenker, Ulrich Roth) – 9:40

• Klaus Meine - lead vocals
• Ulrich Roth - lead guitar
• Rudolf Schenker - rhythm guitar
• Francis Buchholz - bass guitar, backing vocals
• Jürgen Rosenthal - drums, percussion

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Tina Turner -  Private Dancer (1984)
Wenn man Musik liebt liebt man eben nicht nur den puren Rock. Und man kommt nicht an "Private Dancer" vorbei. Er steht für wahre Popkultur. Wenn man so will, zählt diese Scheibe zu den größten Produktions-juwelen der 80er. Und Tina Turner klang nie besser. Kein Wunder, dass sie und die Produzenten mit zahlreichen Grammys und weiteren Auszeichnungen bedacht wurden. Vom Titeltrack bis zum weltbekannten "What's love got to do with it" - alles zentrale Glanzlichter. Selbst der berühmte "rote Faden" zieht sich durch dieses Meisterwerk. Und niemals tritt Langeweile auf den Plan. Im Gegenteil. Von Beginn bis Ende, macht dieser Tonträger Spass!

Pop-Soul Nummern wie "Let's Stay Together" stehen neben Rocksongs wie "I Might Have Been Queen", "Better Be Good To Me" und "Steel Claw". Und das Titelstück "Private Dancer" wird allein durch Tinas laszive Stimme getragen. Eine bemerkenswerte, kaum wiederzuerkennende, da als Ballade vorgetragene Coverversion von Lennon/McCartney's "Help" bringt Tina Turner gegen Ende der Platte. Insgesamt ein Album das süchtig macht -damals wie auch heute noch.  

  1. I Might Have Been Queen – 4:10
  2. What’s Love Got To Do With It
  3. Show Some Respect – 3:18
  4. I Can't Stand The Rain (Originalinterpret: Ann Peebles)
  5. Private Dancer – 7:11
  6. Let's Stay Together (Originalinterpret: Al Green)
  7. Better Be Good To Me – 5:10
  8. Steel Claw (Originalinterpret: Paul Brady)
  9. Help! – 4:30 (Originalinterpret: The Beatles)
  10. 1984 – 3:09 (Originalinterpret: David Bowie

Tina Turner's classic album from 1984 has been substantially enhanced with the addition of seven tracks, including wonderful extended versions of What's Love Gotta Do With It, Better Be Good To Me and I Can't Stand The Rain. This makes Private Dancer even more of an essential album as it remains Turner's masterpiece from the eighties, an album of brilliant material exquisitely interpreted. It's a concept album loosely based on a stripper's life and it amply showcases Tina Turner's multifaceted talents. The bitter What's Love Got To Do With It and the melancholy title track, both passionate ballads, were massive hits. Better Be Good To Me and Steel Claw are scorching rockers while she really adds a new dimension to her covers of Help and Let's Stay Together, another top 10 hit. I love Tina's interpretation of the Anne Peebles song I Can't Stand The Rain which was also a hit for Eruption way back in 1978. Private Dancer is a triumph of epic proportions, not only Turner's comeback album but a timeless masterpiece of exceptional songs infused with enough raunch to please her hardcore fans from the early days and enough pop appeal for the mainstream. Never before had her voice been wrapped around such quality but accessible and melodic material as on Private Dancer, making for a consistently enjoyable album with broad appeal. Milestone******(6)

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