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Jimmy Barnes - Freight Train Heart (1987) became a huge hit for Jimmy Barnes, and with good reason. It followed on directly from the blue-collar rock of Bodyswerve and For the Working Class Man, yet managed to create its own identity. While it may have lacked complete originality ('Driving Wheels' is a simple update of 'Working Class Man'), Barnes managed to make this set of songs an instant classic, thanks to the strength of singles like 'Waitin' for the Heartache'. Slightly more polished than For the Working Class Man (but never losing sight of its pub-rock origins), Freight Train Heart nevertheless runs neck and neck with that album for the title of Barnes' best release.
Dieses Album aus dem Jahr1987 kann ohne weiteres als Meisterwerk bezeichnet werden. Angeführt von der australischen Rocklegende Jimmy Barnes (Cold Chisel) rocken sich hier u. a. Genregrößen wie Jonathan Cain, Neil Schon (beide Journey), Randy Jackson, Huey Lewis, David Glenn Eisley, Joe Lynn Turner (backing vocals) durch lupenreine Melodic Rocksongs, die es allesamt in sich haben. Produziert von Jonathan Cain, "Driving Wheels", "Walk On", "Too Much Ain't Enough Love", "Lessons In Love" oder "Last Frontier" sind große Songs und verbleiben unweigerlich im Gehörgang hängen. 

1. Driving Wheels
2. Seven Days
3. Too Much Ain't Enough Love
4. Do or Die
5. Waitin' For the Heartache
  6. Last Frontier
7. I Wanna Get Started With You
8. Thick Skinned
9. I'm Still on Your Side
10. Lessons in Love
11. Walk On

Vocals - Jimmy Barnes
Guitar - Neal Schon, Johnny Diesel, Rick Brewster
Bass - Randy Jackson, Chris Bailey, Jim Hilbun
drums - Tony Brock, Jon Farriss, Jerry Marotta
Keyboards - Jonathan Cain, Peter Kekell
Synthesizer - Chuck Kentis
Harmonica - Huey Lewis
Steel guitar - David Lindley

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