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Moody Blues - Days of Future Passed. This is the hallmark recording that started the Moody Blues on their sojourn and it is a remarkable one at that. This grouping brought in John Lodge and Justin Hayward maximizing the songwriting and five-way vocal harmonizing that is so well known now. Although the symphonic arrangments may sound slightly dated, it is still a 'mood-piece' to wash away your worries and dive into your dreams. "Night In White Satin" was released in 1967 and 1971 as a single, so strong is it's appeal. The other songs display how talented and unafraid these musicians were to experiment, bringing classical pop into the rock arena.

The impact of this album is immense, setting the standard for the then used 'mellotron', virtually introduced to rock music by Mike Pinder. Justin Hayward and John Lodge's songwriting abilities proved them premature geniuses, Ray Thomas proved the flute can be used in rock 'n roll and Graeme Edge was one of the first to use spoken word - far before 'rap'.

The premise is pure genius, taking basic ballads, amplifying the emotional vocals and tying it all together under an immense orchestration. This must have been the first rock concept album. It survives today. Whether digitally remastered, GOLD or DTS, you cannot go wrong.

- Graeme Edge / drums
- Justin Hayward / guitars, vocals
- John Lodge / bass, acoustic guitar, vocals
- Michael Pinder / keyboards, vocals, mellotron
- Ray Thomas / flute, vocals
- The London Festival Orchestra conducted
   Peter Knight

1.The day begins (5:49)
2. Dawn: Dawn is a feeling (3:49)
3. Morning: another Morning (3:40)
4. Lunch break: peak hour (5:16)
5. Tuesday afternoon (forever afternoon) (8:48)
6. Evening: the sun set: twilight time (6:14)
    7. Nights in white satin (7:38)
8. Late Lament (1:35)

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