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Marillion - Script for a Jester's Tear(1983)
I'm a Marillion fan and I really enjoy listening many of their albums with FISH on vocals. I consider "Script for a Jester's Tear" to be their one of the very best effort with "Fugazi". The opener, Script for a Jester's Tear, is among the best Marillion tracks. Opening with classical Piano and quiet vocals from Fish, the song quickly goes through many different moods. At one point the track is upbeat, and at one point the track is downbeat and sullen. Regardless, this track features some of the best playing from the group."He Knows You Know" is a classic example of how underrated Mark Kelly is as a keyboardist. Great textures about three minutes in, with Rothery tearing off (yet) another memorable solo. This tune just has a nice driving beat and Pointer actually sounds decent with his kick drum work.

"Garden Party" gets a bit cheese laden at times, but it's got some nice work by Trewavas and Pointer, keeping impeccable time. I do prefer the way Mosley handles the later live versions, however. Much more of a fluid drummer than Pointer.

"Forgotten Sons" is a pretty powerful anti-war track. Very haunting vocals by Fish, but could've done without the little "Although I walk in the valley of death..." part in the middle; however, everything else about the track is very moving. Again, I can't say enough about Rothery's guitar solo and lazer-like slashing in the middle.
Overall this is quite an amazing album, most definitely one of the strongest debut's in the prog world.Recommended for Genesis's fans, and for people who want to know the Neo-Progressive's origins. And if you don't like the modern Marillion because they are not very progressive, then try this album (or the other they made with Fish...), because they were really different. Wertung:******(6)     Marillion Homepage

1. Script for a Jester's tears (8:39
2. He knows you know (5:22)
3. The web (8:48)
 4. Garden party (7:15)
5. Chelsea Monday (8:16)
6. Forgotten sons (8:21)

- Fish / vocals
- Mark Kelly / keyboards
- Mick Pointer / drums, percussion
- Steve Rothery / acoustic & electric guitars
- Pete Trewavas / basses

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