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Richard Marx - Days In Avalon(2001) has great tracks and can just take your mind off everything else around you. Richard has always been a great songwriter and he gets better every time.Days of avalon is by far one of his best. Many of the lyrics hit home for me and i'm sure will hit home for you. he's got a soothing voice that i could fall asleep too.This is definitely a musical effort worth your time to listen to. Every song is rich in wonderful melodies and tasteful, catchy lyrics that will reel you in. Richard is one of those artists who is often overlooked, but should not be, as he has had a major influence on music from the past and present; his catalog of number one hits and albums should speak for themselves. Richard started off as a backup vocalist for such artists as Madonna, Whitney Houston and Lionel Richie, and is now a top song writer and producer, having worked with Josh Groban, Luther Vandross, Barbra Streisand, Vince Gill and Natalie Cole, just to name a few.
For old and new fans alike, do yourself a favor and check out this album,and enjoy the sounds of a master at work.

Richard Marx vocals
Chely Wright vocals
Michael Landau guitars
Bruce Gaitsch acoustic guitars
Michael Thompson guitars
Randy Jackson bass
Greg Philliganges keyboards
Eddie Bayers drums
Herman Matthews drums
Gary Smith keyboards
Jeffrey Vanston drum programming

01. Days In Avalon
02. Shine
03. Someone Special
04. Almost Everything
05. The Edge Of Forever
06. Power Of You And Me
07. One More Time
08. Waiting On Your Love
09. More Than A Mystery
10. Boy Next Door
11. Too Early To Be Over
12. Straight From My Heart

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Wishbone Ash-No Smoke Without Fire (1978)
Als ich das Album zum ersten mal hörte war ich begeistert und bin es heute noch. Ich werde dieses Open Air Konzert in Pforzheim im FCP Stadion 1978 nicht vergessen...die Sonne ging gerade langsam unter und Abendrot umhüllte den Platz, als Wishbone Ash ihr Set mit -You see Red- begann. Auf der Platte ist alles was Wishbone Ash jemals ausmachte. Durchdachte Arrangements, gute Texte und diese wunderbaren 2 stimmigen Harmony Guitars. Abwechselnd gesungen von Martin, Laurie und Andy in einer sehr warmen und differenzierten Produktion ist dieses Zeitlose Album ein muss für jeden WA Fan.

It is the ninth studio album by the Band and it is the first album since 1972's Argus to be produced by Derek Lawrence. It is also the heaviest Wishbone Ash album in years, featuring rockers like the hit single "You See Red" and the multi-part progressive rock epic "The Way of the World." If you are a Wishbone Ash fan and this album does not put a smile on your face, you are not listening. If you are not yet a fan, this is a fine one to get acquainted with the band that is known for its melodic, harmony guitars. Wertung:******(6)
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Martin Turner / Bass guitar & Vocals
Laurie Wisefield / Guitar & Vocals
Andy Powell / Guitar & Vocals
Steve Upton / Drums
+ by Laurie Wisefield
* by Martin Turner
# by Andy Powell, Laurie Wisefield, Martin Turner

1. You See Red 5:55 (+)

2. Baby The Angels Are Here 4:40 (*)

3. Ships In The Sky 2:55 (+)

4. Stand And Deliver 7:15 (+)

5. Anger In Harmony 5:00 (#)

6. Like A Child 5:00 (*)

7. The Way Of The World 9:25 (+)

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