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Thin Lizzy - Live & Dangerous. Eigentlich ist zu diesem Album nichts,...gar nichts mehr zu sagen. Jeder Fan guter Rockmusik muss diese Platte sein eigen nennen. Einzigartig dokumentiert sich auf 'Live and Dangerous', dass Thin Lizzy eine der kreativsten und einflussreichsten Rockbands des Planeten waren. Eindrucksvoll beweist dieses Platin veredelte Album was Thin Lizzy in diesen Jahren Live auf die Bühne brachte.

Phil Lynott Vocals, Bass
Scott Gorham Lead Guitar
Brian Robertson Lead Guitar
Brian Downey Drums

1. Jailbreak

2. Soldier of Fortune

3. Southbound
4. Rosalie
5. Dancing In The Moonlight
6. Massacre
7. Still In Love With You
8. Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed
9. Cowboy Song
10. The Boys Are Back In Town
11. Don't Believe A Word
12. Warriors
13. Are You Ready
14. Suicide
15. Sha La La
16. Baby Drives Me Crazy
17. The Rocker

Ohne Thin Lizzy hätte es viele andere Bands in dieser Form nicht gegeben (man hoere sich die zweistimmigen Laeufe des goettlichen Gitarrengespanns Gorham/Robertson an). Klassiker wie Don't Believe a Word, Emerald,oder The Boys are back in Town' werden intensiv und frisch dargeboten, und die warme Stimme und das dominante Bassspiel des unvergesslichen Phil Lynott sind auch heute noch unvergleichlich und einzigartig. Aber dennoch muss ich sagen, nur wer Thin Lizzy damals live, möglichst von der ersten Reihe aus gesehen hat, der weiss von was hier die Rede ist. Wer dieses Juwel noch nicht hat, sollte sich schleunigst davon ueberzeugen und das Album kaufen.Wertung:******(6)

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Paul Goddard Died

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Aus aktuellem Anlass nochmals meine Post zu Atlanta Rhythm Section. Paul Goddard Bassplayer der Band ist am 29.04.2014 im Alter von 68 Jahren nach kurzer schwerer Krankheit gestorben. R.I.P Mr. Goddard.

Atlanta Rhythm Section

Are you ready. 1977 hatte ich das Glück die Band bei ihrem einzigen Konzert in Deutschland auf dem Out in the Green Festival in Pforzheim zu sehen.Both a tribute to ARS's popular success and a testimony to their musical abilities, the live album Are You Ready! was released in 1979. The cover images show how far the group had come-from the house band at a small studio outside Atlanta to playing to stadiums full of people. The album also documents the power that ARS could bring to a live performance. While their musical talents had been well documented with their studio recordings, their ability to give songs a different but equally enjoyable arrangement in concert comes through clearly. Overall, this is another classic work-a compilation of many great songs from their albums up through Champagne Jam played with great energy and skill.
The album starts off with a grand opening for a band from Atlanta-the slowing building orchestral Tara's Theme from the film "Gone With the Wind." The announcer asks the crowd "are you ready?!" and the band breaks into Sky High. Songs two-four are all from the album Champagne Jam and keep up the pace and the energy. Songs five-seven go back to some of the group's earliest work-from the rocking Back Up Against the Wall to the incredible musical diversity of Angel to the ballad Conversation. Their biggest hit, Imaginary Lover, is followed by their first hit, Doraville. This leads into the concert classic Another Man's Woman. Two more songs documenting how ARS presented A Rock & Roll Alternative are followed by the closing cover of Long Tall Sally. It's a great live time.

Barry Bailey - Guitar
Ronnie Hammond - Vocals, Background Vocals
Paul Goddard - Bass
Dean Daughtry - Keyboards
J.R. Cobb - Guitar, Background Vocals
Roy Yeager- Percussion, Drums

1. Sky High (Buie/Nix/Hammond/Daughtry)-6:05
This great version is performed with more power than the original. Ronnie Hammond roars through the vocals and Barry Bailey provides a blistering introduction to his excellent guitar playing before the tune uses one of ARS' signature tempo changes to close with a slower but equally beautiful guitar solo.

2. Champagne Jam (Buie/Nix/Cobb)-5:14
The party is in full swing as the band rocks through this mid-tempo tune that rocks harder than the album version but reflects the original's mix of melodies and tempos. A classic break is highlighted by Paul Goddard's bass and Dean Daughtry's piano that lead into a jamming guitar finale.

3. I'm Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight (Buie/Nix/Daughtry)-5:03
An easier flowing sound brings the energy level down. Hammond's warm vocals flow over a rolling rhythm that picks up in intensity as vocal and guitar interplay lead into another beautiful guitar closing.

4. Large Time (Buie/Nix/Bailey)-3:28
The group's rocking tribute to the Lynyrd Skynyd band is delivered with fire. Roy Yeager's driving drumbeat propels the screaching guitars and heartfelt lyrics that document the two groups shared musical heritage and keep the flame of Southern rock burning bright.

5. Back up Against the Wall (Buie/Cobb)-4:06
Years of playing and improved production techniques make the presentation here an improvement on the classic original version. Hammond's vocals shine and there is again beautiful guitar interplay that winds up with an excellent solo to close the song.
6. Angel (What in the World's Come over Us) (Buie/Nix/Bailey)-7:17
This classic song opens with Hammond's vocal reflections on a lost love, with musical backing that ebbs and flows. The music then shifts into an extended instrumental jam that features tight ensemble playing and one of the best and beautiful electric guitar workout on Live Record.

7. Conversation (Buie/Cobb)-3:57
This pace slows for this classic ballad from the "old days" featuring Hammond's ponderings about a relationship gone bad over a beautiful musical background.

8. Imaginary Lover (Buie/Nix/Daughtry)-5:38
The group's biggest hit showcases many of the group's strengths live-a moderate tempo, great melody, clever lyrics, a beautiful vocal, solid ensemble playing and instrumental soloing that flashes brilliance. The added drive of the live version helps show how ARS had grown beyond their studio band roots to be able to put on a great live musical performance.

9. Doraville (Buie/Nix/Bailey)-4:09
A driving beat and tight rhythm section provide an uptempo backing for Hammond's vocal tribute to the town where ARS got it's start and where it's a "hot time in Dixie" every night. More great guitar soloing is featured.

10. Another Man's Woman (Buie/Nix/Bailey)-14:33
From the first notes it's clear this is something special. The bass and piano come through clearer than on Red Tape, and the drums help provide the backing for Hammond's yearning vocals and Bailey and Cobb's guitar breaks. This songs shows off ARS' unique tempo shifts to great effect. The song arrangement varies from but is equally powerful to Red Tape-with a little less drive but perhaps even more room for ARS to demonstrate their outstanding musical skills-from the rapid fire and melodic guitar soloing of Bailey and J.R. Cobb to Goddard's unprecedented, rapid-fire bass solo. This is ARS' Southern rock anthem, and both in beauty and musical skill matches any others.

11. Georgia Rhythm (Buie/Cobb/Nix)-5:40
ARS' signature song about life on the road shines with this powerful live version. Hammond's singing is great, the ensemble playing is tight and the tempo ebbs and flows just like the life of a band on tour.

12. So Into You (Buie/Nix/Daughtry)-7:47
Solid guitar and rhythm section playing provide the midtempo, layered sound that was the foundation of ARS' several hit singles. Daughtry's keyboards are presented more prominently to fine effect. Hammond's feeling vocals and the closing guitar solos all combine to provide a brief glimpse of how ARS was so much more that a singles band.

13. Long Tall Sally (Johnson/Penniman/Blackwell)-3:41
The album closes with a rocking version of this classic Little Richard tune. This was the only ARS recording of this song available for almost 20 years. "Havin' some fun tonight.


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Thin Lizzy > Gary Moore Times

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Thin Lizzy - Got to give it up

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