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Kansas-Point Of Know Return/1977 is considered to be the quintessential Kansas album, and for good reason. It picked up where Letfoverture left off and refined their sound to become straightforward perfection. Kansas simply couldn't have been any better after completing this celebrated progressive rock masterpiece. Sonically, there is no doubt that this is their best sounding album from their catalog.

To this day "Dust In The Wind," as simplistic as it is, seems to sound better every time you hear it, and the classic "Portrait (He Knew)" never sounded better with the new remastered sound. I noticed some major changes in regards to the entire musical picture that they painted. Robbie Steinhardt's violin and all the lead guitar parts are more clear, crisp, and dramatic, while the keyboards are more full and fluent than they ever were. A bonus is the two previously unreleased tracks, "Sparks Of The Tempest", which is a live, authoritative rendition of the song, and a remixed version of "Portrait (He Knew), which has some subtle but noticeable variations.

This was the best choice for their first remastered album, and being the 25th anniversary of its initial release makes it a little more special for the group and their fans. Let's hope that they go through their entire catalog and remaster it along with some more live and rare tracks to digest! They really outdid themselves by topping Leftoverture, and found themselves with so much success and pressure that they have never been able to reach those heights musically again. Somewhere To Elsewhere, which was their recent reunion album, was excellent, but many of the original members returned to what they were doing once it was complete. In this case what once was can never be again, or should I say the point of know return?

I am glad that we are getting the opportunity to explore and enjoy their legacy once again through the wonders of the digital remastering process. I am most certain that old fans will be elated with this release and new fans will come onboard the prog-rock train for a ride that has been gaining momentum now for a few years. There would be no ride at all if it wasn't for the perseverance and heart of group's like Kansas to succeed against all odds. They spun a tale that will continue forever, and this is just one chapter in the book they wrote.


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1. Point Of Know Return 3.12
2. Paradox 3.50
3. The Spider 2.04
4. Portrait (He Knew) 4.39
5. Closet Chronicles 6.31
6. Lightning´s Hand 4.24
7. Dust In The Wind 3.27
8. Sparks Of The Tempest 4.17
9. Nobody´s Home 4.40
10. Hopelessly Human 7.09
Gesamtlaufzeit 44:13

Kerry Livgren - synthesizer, acoustic and electric guitars percussion, piano, keyboards, clavinet
Steve Walsh - organ, synthesizer, percussion, piano, celeste, keyboards, vocals,
Phil Ehart - percussion,drums,
Dave Hope - bass
Robbie Steinhardt - violin, cello, viola, vocals, lap cello
Rich Williams - acoustic and electric guitars

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