Sonntag, Januar 04, 2009 / Eingestellt von peter /

New !!
Danger Radio - Used and Abused

Lucky enough I didn't sum the musicyear 2008 too early cuz there are a few albums that have come to my mind lately that will enter the top 20, and here is one of them. And when it comes to this one we're talking high up on the list. Danger Radio plays a fantastic sort of groovy, joyfilled modern pop with influences of everything. Spymob, It Bites, Maroon 5, old westcoast, soft modern rock, Nuclear Valdez and hell know whatelse... The answer of this weird combionation of styles is the mix of nationalities in the band...Puerto Rico native Andrew de Torres (vocals) and Finland native Nico Hartikainen (drums, programming) met in 1999 while attending middle school in Everett, Washington, a city located just north of Seattle. And what I also know is that it is a fantastic mix and this years best song is on this album. It's called "One More Chance" and well... take a listen yourself. The coolest CD of the year.