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Urgent - "Cast the First Stone" (1984)
It is unnecessary to say anything, when we make reference to an all time AOR gem, which originally released back in 1984. Over the years the record became a real classic and a rarity. If you wanted to buy it, then you were bound to pay a small fortune on an Internet auction, just to get it. Anyway! I thought it would never see the light of its re-release day.Easily stood the test of time as one of the AOR albums in the 80`s. I need hardly to say that this is one of those killer albums! Urgent were a five piece act led by the three brothers Michael, Don and Steve Kehr who were able (and blessed) to deliver eternal up tempo tracks like "Running Back", "Say Goodbye", "Love Him Or Leave Him" or "Cast The First Stone", which sounds like Loverboy or Honeymoon Suite on fire. They thrill our senses with the 2 ballads, too. Just listen... Monster hook lines, enormous choruses, awesome majestic keyboards that tear your heart out, great production. But then to some of you this might sound a little too much of 80s. Well, this is what all is about. A shame grunge killed off this kind of music (as well as hard rock or true metal) and made millionaires out of a bunch of pissed off whiners...
An essential purchase for 80s AOR lovers. Satisfaction guaranteed!!


01. Running Back
02. Say Goodbye
03. Cast the First Stone
04. Love Can Make You Cry
05. Pay Up
06. Love Him or Leave Him
07. Dedicated to Love
08. Only You
09. So This Is Paradise
10. Tell the Boys, No
11. Running Back #2


Michael Kehr (Vocals, guitars)
Yul Vazquez (Guitars)
Klyph Black (Bass)
Don Kehr (Keyboards)
Steve Kehr (Drums)