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Gowan - Lost Brotherhood (1990).
With an all-star supporting cast including Rush's Alex Lifeson and bassman extraordinaire Tony Levin, Lawrence Gowan has put forth a very potent release that showcases an accessible hard rock texture. The material ranges from hard and gritty grooves to mellow and sedate, and covers most territory in between. The disc is most effective, however, on the powerfully melodic numbers.
Eine meiner Alltime Faves. Die Vorgängerwerke von Gowan waren relativ unspektakulär. Dann kam 1990 Lost Brotherhood. Ein absoluter Meilenstein mit wunderbaren uptempos und Balladen. Dannach gings dann schon bald zu Styx. Da spielt und singt er heute noch.

All the Lovers in the World
Lost Brotherhood
Call It a Mission
The Dragon
Love Makes You Believe
Fire It Up
Out of a Deeper Hunger
Tender Young Hero
Message from Heaven
Holding This Rage

Alex Lifeson Guitar
Eddie Schwartz Producer, Vocals
Greg Critchley Drums
Jerry Marotta Drums, Percussion, Vocals (Background)
John Webster Keyboards
Ken Greer Guitar, Pedal Steel
Larry Gowan Vocals, Keyboards, Piano
Mike Howlett Producer
Steve Kendry Drums
Steve Shelski Guitar
Terry Gowan Vocals (Background)
Tony Levin Bass, Stick

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