Mittwoch, Juli 29, 2009 / Eingestellt von peter /

Frontiers Records are very excited to announce the signing of American rockers Nelson for a brand new AOR album - set to be titled Lightning Strikes Twice. The label will also release a Nelson live album recorded back in the day (After the Rain Tour) and the original After the Rain demos which include some unreleased gems.
Right now the Nelson's are hard at work in the studio working on the new album. Gunnar Nelson reports: "After many years of mutual admiration, Matthew and I are proud to announce our new partnership with our friends at Frontiers. We're thrilled at the opportunity for a renewed vitality for Nelson. We eagerly anticipate an unstoppable connection between the songs we work so hard on and the fans of classic melodic hard rock that we make our music for. While trends have come and gone, Frontiers has stayed the course and supported a loyal fanbase all over the world. Matthew and I have taken great pride in doing the same. It's this shared passion for great rock and roll…spearheaded by great songs…presented in a timeless fashion…that's assured Matthew and I that Frontiers will be where our future hits find a perfect home.
We're currently hard at work in the studio after years of writing the best songs of our lives. The resulting effort will be our first original effort commissioned specifically by and for Frontiers - a seamless follow up to our triple platinum debut album After The Rain called Lightning Strikes Twice. Brother harmonies, soaring guitars, melodies that will keep you up at night… but above all… Great Songs. That is what Nelson does. And that's all we're ever going to do for Frontiers and our loyal fans. And with our legendary drummer Bobby Rock, international guitar virtuoso Neil Zaza, and former Aerosmith keyboardist Gary Corbett, we plan on touring the four corners of the earth to support it. Nelson is back, and better than ever. Let's ROCK, shall we?"