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Rick Springfield - Living in Oz(1983)
"Heart in my mouth, pulse in my head, mercury rising into the red, the smell of the skin can light up all the fires in me," is the first line in the extended version of "Affair of the Heart." This guitar-driven song previews what to expect throughout the entire album. "Living In Oz," the third Springfield installment of the 1980s is a thoughtful, intelligently written, guitar-driven ensemble which demands the respect that Mr. Springfield had been searching for previously. The dancebeat "Human Touch" is funky, but touches on loneliness: "I'm so scared and isolated in the modern world." "Living In Oz," catches the listener with the hard-edge shrilling guitar introduction, and keeps the listener with its emotional lyrics which border on cynnicism:

1 Human Touch 5:07
2 Alyson 3:48
3 Affair of the Heart 4:33
4 Living in Oz 3:48
5 Me & Johnny 4:25
6 Motel Eyes 3:13
7 Tiger by the Tail 3:28
8 Souls 4:18
9 I Can't Stop Hurting You 3:42

"Everybody's got to fight their demons, and you know I had to fight mine too; it took alot outta me, it took a lot outta you to be living in oz." This song wreaks of emotion both in lyrics and in the strength of the guitar. Every track is worth a listen. "Souls" is a guitar-powered ballad. "Motel Eyes" is hard-core lyrics, hard-core guitar.The final piece on the album "Like Father, Like Son," is a classical tribute to Rick's lost father. The album is at the top of my list of Best Rick Albums. Check this album out. It is awesome.

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Alan Pasqua -Keyboards
Tim Pierce - Guitar
Mike Baird - Drums
Dennis Belfield - Bass,
Rick Springfield - Vocals,Guitar,

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