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Magnum - Storyteller`s Night.As much as I love Magnum's 1983 album The Eleventh Hour, their 1985 follow up On a Storyteller's Night is even better. It is, in fact, their strongest overall album and the one release that best represents what the Magnum sound is all about. That sound, which is typically described as "pomp rock" has elements of Deep Purple and Rainbow to Uriah Heep and Genesis, as well as arena rock bands like Styx, Boston, and REO Speedwagon. Magnum's music is dramatic and bombastic, and highly melodic as well.On a Storyteller's Night is not only a perfect example of Magnum's sound, it's also an example of what was possible in an era when the lines between rock, metal, and AOR weren't as defined as they are today. The album is heavy to the point of metallic at times, shifting abruptly to melancholy ballads and then to a keyboard-driven arena rock anthem and back again.

I'd recommend this album to just about anyone who enjoys classic rock. Magnum is a tragically overlooked band, and once you hear them, you're hooked. On a Storyteller's Night is a great album to start with, as it really represents what Magnum was all about. There really isn't a weak moment on the entire album, but songs like Les Morts Dansant, All England's Eyes, the title track and especially Just Like an Arrow are among the band's absolute best material.

Track Listing
1. How Far Jerusalem
2. Just Like An Arrow
3. On A Storyteller's Night
4. Before First Light
5. Les Mortes Dansant
6. Endless Love
7. Two Hearts
8. Steal Your Heart
9. All England's Eyes
10. The Last Dance

Polydor 1985

- Bob Catley/ vocals
- Tony Clarkin / guitars, vocals
- Jim Simpson / drums
- Mark Stanway / keyboards
- Wally Lowe / bass, vocals
- Mo Birch / backing vocals on 'Les Morts Dansant'

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