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King Kobra - Thrill of a Lifetime(1984)
Okay, bestimmt für einige unverständlich warum dieses Stück "Hair Gods Metal" unter meinen Milestones gerutscht ist. Ist halt ne persönliche Sache ;-) und auserdem einfach purer 80iger AOR. "Dream on" ist einfach ein Sahnestückchen der Platte.If you enjoy 80's rock melodic bands like Survivor, Journey, Europe, Van Halen, Starship, full of keyboards and guitar solos, this cd is for you. I simply loved this songs.
Anyway, Mark Free vocals are simply fantastic! I just recently bought this album and when I first heard it I was a bit suprised to say the least. This album is 75% less heavy than their first release. The band really go for a more commercialized, melodic, lightweight AORish sound here. Call me crazy, but Thrill of a Lifetime is one of my guilty pleasures.Wertung:******(6)

Mark Free - vocals
David Micheal Philips - guitar, synthesizers and background vocals
Mick Sweda - guitar, synthesizers and background vocals
Johnny Rod - bass and background vocals
Carmine Appice - drums, percussion and background vocals

Track Listing
1. Second Time Around

2. Dream On
3. Feel The Heat
4. Thrill Of A Lifetime
5. Only The Strong Survive
6. Iron Eagle (Never Say Die)
7. Home Street Home
8. Overnight Sensation
9. Raise Your Hands To Rock
10.Party Animals

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