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Talk was the final album of the Trevor Rabin era of Yes. I tend to compare this album to 90125 and Big Generator, which were the other two albums created entirely by the same lineup of Anderson, Rabin, Squire, Kaye, and White. Although overshadowed commercially by 90125, Talk is every bit as strong as that album, and markedly superior to Big Generator.

Being a big fan of nearly all things Yes, I bought Talk when it came out in 1994. Immediately I was impressed by the music and production quality.

Talk mixes in progressive rock elements smartly, engaging the listener at each turn, yet never getting too overextended or pretentious. The music sounds a bit more melodic, confident, and accomplished than Big Generator. Trevor Rabin's production work gives Talk a sound which is a little more modern and organic than 90125, which I'd describe as having a more edgy, techno-sounding production (no surprise, given that Trevor Horn was at the production controls on 90125).

Trevor Rabin and Chris Squire
The songs on Talk are more dynamic than those on the other Rabin-era Yes albums, varying from soft, mid-tempo songs to louder, more forceful pieces. Two songs, "The Calling" and "Walls", are in the prog-pop genre which should be familiar to those who've heard 90125 or Big Generator. "I Am Waiting" and "Where Will You Be" are generally sparser and slower, punctuated by the occasional louder, more dramatic sections. "State of Play" and "Real Love" reverse that mix to a degree, soaring for most of their duration, but occasionally coming down to earth. "Endless Dream" is a work in three parts, clocking in at over 15 minutes. You could call it an 'epic' piece in the classic Yes style, yet one which fits distinctly in the 1990s.

 All the elements I've described above give Talk more of a distinctive 'Yes' sound than the other works with which Rabin was involved. This album even sounds more like Yes than ABWH. Whereas Close to the Edge defined the Yes sound of the 1970s, and 90125 defined Yes' sound for the 1980's, Talk defines Yes for the 1990s. It's unfortunate that this Yes lineup did not stay together and produce anything after Talk, but with this album they at least left us with another classic, yet distinctive Yes album. Milestone:******review from the net

Line up
- Jon Anderson / vocals 
- Chris Squire / bass and vocals 
- Tony Kaye / keyboards 
- Alan White / drums 
- Trevor Rabin / guitars, keyboards and vocals

1. The Calling (Rabin - Anderson - Squire) (6:56)
2. I Am Waiting (Rabin - Anderson) (7:25)
3. Real Love (Squire - Rabin - Anderson) (8:49)
4. State Of Play (Rabin - Anderson) (5:00)
5. Walls (Rabin - Hodgson - Anderson) (4:57)
6. Where Will You Be (Rabin - Anderson) (6:09)
7. Endless Dream (Rabin - Anderson) (15:44):
        a) Silent Spring (Instrumental) (1:56)
 b) Talk (11:56)
        c) Endless Dream (1:58)
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