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Steve Miller Band "Book of Dreams" is the tenth studio album by Steve Miller Band. It was released is May of 1977 and have since gone triple platinum. It was released to favorable reviews, and rightfully so. It features some of the songs the band are best known for.

1. "Threshold" - The album starts out with a spacey introduction. It is very well orchestrated and transcends perfectly into the next track.

 2. "Jet Airliner" - Many know this song. It's an awesome rocker that really stands out as one of the highlight songs from the band. The instrumentation is fairly simplistic, but it just works so well. The vocals are outstanding as well. It’s really hard to listen to this song without tapping your foot.

3. “Winter Time” - Another great tune. It starts off by sending some wind noises and acoustic guitar to capture the winter feel. Then in come a harmonica and the rest of the instruments. The whole song has a great rhythm. This is an absolutely beautiful song from start to finish.

4. “Swingtown” - Many will know this song as well, especially those that have watched the show of the same name. The awesome introduction from the drums and bass lets the listener know immediately that they’re in for a fun, upbeat song. All in all it’s a great tune that flows really well.

5. “True Fine Love” – This song also has a nice rhythm. This isn’t quite my favorite, but it still is a nice little tune with good vocal work. The lyrics talk of one searching for love, and many can connect with that.

6. “Wish upon a Star” – This starts out with another spacey introduction, with the vocals mixing in. It really takes you to another place when you listen to it. The singing is phenomenal! While definitely different, this song is just awesome.

7. “Jungle Love” – One of the best Steve Miller Tune’s ever. How could you not love this song? It is done so well, it makes me want to get up and dance, and I don’t dance. The band manages to get perfection without being over complex, and I love it.

8. “Electro Lux Imbroglio” – Try saying that five times fast. This is a quick spacey intermission of sorts, getting ready for the next song. Not really much to say, besides it is kind of eery.

9. “Sacrifice” – Thankfully it transcends perfectly into this song. It really captures the Steve Miller sound. The song is done very nicely (A recurring theme of the album), and stands out all its own as a nice, mellow track. Also the guitar work is noteworthy for being very well done.

10. “The Stake” – The early part of this song reminds me of Rocky Mountain Way. It is well done, with guitar and vocals trading off for each other. It just has a certain cool factor to it. This is a well done song with nice instrumentation.

11. “My Own Space” – The song starts off with a Boston-esque sound to it. This is a very soft, laid back song with good singing. Not much to say other than that.

12. “Babes in the Wood” – And yet again the sound changes in this song. The acoustic guitar is just awesome here. It is really folkish in a way. It sounds like the music you hear in a pub in an old fantasy movie. The instruments carry the song well, and they must for it is an instrumental. It is a nice, if strange, way to finish off the album.

This album explores many different sounds but still manages to capture the Steve Miller feel. This is an album I feel must be experienced start to finish. It has no filler songs. This may be due to my love of Steve Miller Band. Wertung:******(6) Steve Miller Band und Steve Miller Band Facebook

•Steve Miller - vocals, guitar, synthesizer, sitar
•David Denny - guitar
•Greg Douglass - slide guitar
•Byron Allred - piano, synthesizer
•Lonnie Turner - bass
•Gary Mallaber - drums, percussion

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