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Thin Lizzy - Black Rose.As a huge Thin Lizzy fan, I felt compelled to write a review of this seminal album. The other reviewers have quite justably laden this album with five stars, but I do feel a note of caution is necessary. The first Lizzy album I bought was Jailbreak, unquestionably one of the true, great rock'n'roll masterpieces of our time. So I purchased Black Rose with sheer anticipation, only to be slightly dissappointed after listening to it through a few times. This is because the songs need more exploration than the Jailbreak tracks which stand out on the first listen. There is more depth and emotion to Lynott's songwriting on this album than any other, and it takes time to fully comprehend and appreciate the true genius of this collossul album. For me, the two best songs are 'Got to give it up' and the monstrous title track. It is here we see how truly incredible and underrated Lynott is as a singer. The passion and pain which he injects into his voice are unrivalled, and the way he croons about his love for his celtic heritage hits you on a new emotional level each time you hear it. The sad reality, though, is that depite the ever-present image we have installed in our minds of the grinning, leather-clad Lynott, with his nigh-perfect dentistry, Lynott was actually pouring his heart out in those songs, and the hindsight of his death in 1986 emphasises the power this remarkable record posesses.

Phil Lynott - bass/vocals,Scott Gorham-guitars,Gary Moore-guitars,Brian Downey-drums

Do Anything You Want To (Lynott) - 3:53
Toughest Street in Town (Gorham, Lynott, Moore) - 4:01
S&M (Downey, Lynott) - 4:05
Waiting for an Alibi (Lynott, Moore) - 3:30
Sarah (Lynott, Moore) - 4:20
Got to Give It Up (Gorham, Lynott) - 4:24
Get Out Of Here (Lynott, Ure) - 3:37
With Love (Lynott) - 4:38
Róisín Dubh (Black Rose): A Rock Legend (Moore, Lynott) - 7:06
Will You Go Lassie Go
Danny Boy

Spock`s Beard - The Kindness of Strangers

What an incredible album! If you are an old Genesis, Yes, Gentle Giant, or ELP fan, you owe it to yourself to pick up their entire catalog. Majestic compositions awash in Mellotron and Hammond B-3 orchestrations, with angelic vocal harmonies, searing guitar, and an awesome rhythm section led by Genesis's current touring drummer Nick D'Virgilio. Unlike other neo-prog bands, SB knows how to compose a great piece of melodic, catchy music that is also intricate and challenging. Those of you who like music that is more than 3 chords or cookie-cutter pop will be delighted with Spock's Beard.

"The Good Don't Last" – 10:04
"In The Mouth Of Madness" – 4:46
"Cakewalk On Easy Street" – 5:01
"June" – 5:30
"Strange World" – 4:20
"Harm's Way" – 11:06
"Flow" – 15:48
"The Good Don't Last" (radio edit) – 3:24
"In The Mouth Of Madness" (radio edit) – 3:57
"Cakewalk On Easy Street" (radio edit) – 4:01
"June" (Home Demo) – 5:31
"Strange World" (Home Demo) – 4:35

Neal Morse - lead vocals, piano, synthesizer
Alan Morse - guitars, cello, vocals
Dave Meros - bass guitar, vocals
Nick D'Virgilio - drums, percussion, vocals
Ryo Okumoto - hammond organ, mellotron


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