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Styx - Grand Illusion. American prog rock albums don't come much more vital than THE GRAND ILLUSION, the masterful 1977 release by Styx. Their seventh LP, released on July 7, this one acheived perfection from the opening flourishes of the leadoff title track through the truly grand "Grand Finale."
The album is comprised of incredibly strong individual tracks that also hold together as a cohesive whole. It's not a concept album, per se, but the album has a lot to say about dreams and realities.

Dennis DeYoung gets things started with the carnival barking "Grand Illusion," which offers a scathing attack on materialism backed by a melodically searing guitar army. Tommy Shaw comes alive on "Fooling Yourself" which features some spine-tingling keyboard work alongside the warm wash of acoustic guitar. Shaw continues to lead the parade on "Superstars," which really hearkens back to the early Styx sound. And then, of course, there is the ubiquitous but altogether brilliant "Come Sail Away," a keyboard-driven sci-fi sea-chanty that is over the top and iconic...Dennis DeYoung's flair for drama and knack for melody serve this tune well.

Next up to bat is fierce guitarist/vocalist James Young who's growl is lightened a little by the sparkle in his eye on "Miss America," one of the greatest Styx romper stomper rockers. The mood turns a bit more contemplative for Shaw's superb "Man in the Wilderness," a bluesy number that simmers with urgency until boiling over in a superb instrumental break. DeYoung's "Castle Walls" is a fine proggy keyboard epic, and then the proceedings come to a noisy, showstopping close with "Grand Finale."
1. The Grand Illusion (4:36)
2. Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man) (5:29)
3. Superstars (3:59)
4. Come Sail Away (6:07)
5. Miss America (5:01)
6. Man In The Wilderness (5:49)
7. Castle Walls (6:00)
8. The Grand Finale (1:58)

Styx, along with Kansas and Rush, form the leading troika of North American progressive music, and the Stygians were never in finer form than on THE GRAND ILLUSION and its follow-up, PIECES OF EIGHT. Not to be missed!Wertung:******(6)

Chuck Panozzo - drums
James Young - guitars/vocals
Tommy Shaw - guitars/vocals
John Panozzo - bass
Dennis DeYoung - keyboards/vocals

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