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Giuffria - Silk & Steel.

Gregg Giuffria, Tastenvirtuose und einer der besten Keyboarder im melodischen Hard Rock-Genre, veröffentlichte 1986 mit „Silk and Steel“ ein Album, das bis heute als Meisterwerk des melodischen Hard Rocks gilt. Dieses zweite Album von Giuffria in der Hairgod Ära, war leider auch schon das letzte dieser Band, die sich später, in neuer Besetzung, in House Of Lords umbenannte. Ein Hochglanz poliertes Album mit vielen Highlights, dass sich in keiner Rock Sammlung fehlen sollte. 

David Glen Eisley's voice is very unique, its rich and quite masculine, but if you don't like his tone then the entire album will be ruined for you, because its extremely vocal driven from start to finish. Along with the keyboards, he gives this album its timeless personality. Consistancy is the name of the game here, with every song shaped and formed, and not even a single filler track. Not even one, every song is worthy of being played over and over again, and that is unusual for any album, and is one of the reasons this particular release is held in such high regard. Chances are, fans of AOR will absolutely adore this album, from start til finish however. With such gorgeous ballads, and a handful of pure feel good rockin summertime party tunes, there's few albums in this subgenre that can even begin to be a rival against this one. I give it a big two thumbs up. If silky smooth lite metal and hard rock tunes are your thing, then this one is right up your alley. A classic album in its own right.

01-No Escape
02-Love You Forever
03-I Must Be Dreaming
05-Change Of Heart
08-Lethal Lover
09-Tell It Like It Is
10-Dirty Secrets
11-Say It Ain't True

David Glen Eisley: Lead Vocals
Lanny Cordola: Guitar
Gregg Giuffria: Keyboards, vocals
David Sikes: Bass
Alan Krigger: Drums

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